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fiddling like crazy. Interesting fight. What made it nice was the huge resevres of armor and weapons he left there. Yummy!




He still had stuff left to fight with? I still remember that last (or so) battle report you posted were he constructed a ship and a surface stronghold that included everything but the kitchen sink before throwing it at you.

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So since Rome has fallen, does that make you the barbarians? Ha! :D

oh, and I presume you'll need extra shipments from HBOB for the celebration. Let me know how many extra and of what you will need. :cheers::cheers::beer:

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As the founder of W.H.A.P.O, I must salute MMB for his victory over the Romans. It was a long and drawn out affair involving multiple empires on both sides. Congratulations on the victory.


To refresh everyone's memory, W.H.A.P.O stands for Warlords, Heathens, and Pirates Organization.



Sakarissa :beer:

The Circle

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