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Domed Cities vs. Atmospheric Exchangers

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Well, now that I have Atmospheric Exchangers and the ability to make Domed Cities, any insights into how effective the exchangers are relative to domed cities? There is the cost of the exchangers vs domed cities, plus the energy consumption factor. Shipping enough CMs to build Antimatter power is probably prohibitive for exchanger routine use. But perhaps they are worth the costs? Thoughts? (Yes, depends on how much I want the resources on the world in question, etc.)




Octus :woohoo:

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Thanks for the input. Gotta think the Domed cities are the way to go, but have a couple colonies I may try out with exchangers. If I get the 'way more' assistance (suspect there are some racial attributes that also have an impact), then perhaps the power investment is worth it. High Hydroelectric may be the colony worlds to consider if the resources are reasonable. (Anyone need more crystals? And to think I used to need more crystals.)



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Subterranean Cities have done the job for me. Results beat Domed Cities every time. Together? Prima!


What about Subterranean Cities on a Gas Giant -- do they work? :woohoo:


The structure Subterranean City can be built on a Gas Giant, but mitigation is limited, as the Attrition factors involved in colonization a Gas Giant are usually so large that they overwhelm any known structures ability to affect them.


-SK :)

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