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B'tai Hazra

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This is just an idea that would, for me, make the reports a little easier to read. I would prefer if a page break could be added before the Convoy report and before the Events summary. This, I believe, would not make processing time much longer... :python:





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More suggestions:


1) a dedicated page to keep track of all wormholes and their destinations.

2) Separate report summarizing all alien fleet sightings that occurred during the turn. In addition to the blurb in the body of the report.

3) An indication that ICE-X has been used, no results, just a mention that "10,000 tons of ICE-2 vaporized" or something.

4) A summary of total # of ships in the navy and total tonnage.

5) When using a Universal Gate I would like to have it tell me how much made it through the process.

6) Just one time I would like to actually capture the spies that come to visit.

7) Spies and other LC's should be able to move through Universal Gates just like any other item.




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