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How far have you scouted from your HW  

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That is VERY possible Moonshadow. We have yet to actually find the HW of our neighbor but his advanced scouts are already in ours conducting scans of prospective colony worlds. Its seems he arrived via a ONE-WAY warp point that ended up at a warp point where on my end does not lead to the one he came from. Im sure there will a WP that connects me to him via a system he cant reach from where I enter stars known to him. With this in mind it is VERY possible that those who have surveyed high and low may have simply bypassed someone.

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Looking at the results so far.


Rumors are that we are 8 to 12 apart. So the 4 to 5 away have a chance if the other guy is 4 to 5 away also, and the 6 to 8 have a really good chance.


I would be really interested in whetether the 6 to 8 away people have seen other empires


Over all looks like the distance apart is not a problem, it appears we are not looking hard enough.



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