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Hey guys,


Past time for me to work on the next update so if you have any notes on typos, additions, changes, etc. that you'd like to contribute to the effort - please email them to me directly and I'll get started on this.


Any suggestions for good F.A.Q. additions would be welcome as well.


Thanks much




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That would be great, thanks. :angry2:


When you do it, however, and unless you are rewriting the lot, it would be most useful (document management here) if you could have a discreet package of changed pages as well as a whole new rulebook available. Then those of us with earlier versions can also spot the changes easier?


Will the supplements be embodied into the rulebook?


And might this be the time to re-request the SN:ROTE Combat Treatise? :beer:





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What is the progress on this update....the actual printed rulebook I mean. I have been playing long enough that I have "discovered" what pitfalls there are in managing an empire. Usually trivial things like not CTRN your pop before loading them onto a fleet...etc. Anyone new would most certainly make these same mistakes if the rulebook stays the same.

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