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Merry Xmas!


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I just want to take a minute to wish everyone a merry xmas or whatever flavor of seasonal greeting is your choice. I hope everyone gets to find a warm fuzzy place with good food, laughter and good people around you... <_<


I especially want to send a big xmas hug out to my alliance mates, without whom I would have stopped playing years ago. You guys are the best!!! :cheers:


I also want to thank the Hellenic League for not rolling over as soon as I started the war. It made the game way more interesting and he has been a good opponent whom I will sorely miss. :wacko:


And also, heres to you Bob, best non allied neighbour a scaly gremloid could have. Hope your xmas is just fantastic! :ph34r:


To everyone, else, have fun and be merry and dont ever let anyone tell you that games are only for kids! :cheers:





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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Thanks to all the people who have posted on this forum. The information is always entertaining and sometimes helpful!


And season greetings to my soon to be "best friend" the Shicin. :holiday:



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