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Weird colours...new functions...strange symmetry to it all...signature lost in space void...must recalibrate holo camera to new frequency :)



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Nice look to the new forum... much better than EZBoard, IMO.


This is a big step forward (especially with a FAQ), good job!



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Whoo Hoo!


Fear my Ninjas!



Russ - In so far as the FAQ is concerned, I think that Sequence of Production, Ship Building and Power consumption by Installations should be some of the early topics covered, since they are some of the first hurdles that newer players stumble over. That should be followed by "How to Understand Your CSV Results for Dummies!" :D

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Those are excellent ideas for a FAQ.


Some stuff I've seen asked... not all I would necessarily expect "clear" answers on....


Most of these answers were already given, but organizing them with official answers will be most helpful to new players (I think):





Q. If I have high gravity resistance and get a 5 gravity world, is my ability useful?


Q. What impact does Imperial tradition have on the game?


Q. What impact does Space Combat Bonus have? Is it useful?


Q. How important are administrators and Merchants?


Q. Are all of the pluses equal between abilities?


Q. Do the size, speed or strength abilities have any impact beyond ground combat?


Q. You had some neat races available in Supernova 2 (Rocks, world ships, machines) will these be added later as player options?


Q. Do lifeforms have any impact in the game other than the specific stats that they affect (such as the +'s listed for Defense, etc.)?


Q. How important are Saved up Research Points (the ones not used to design a race)?


Q. Are saved research points balanced with racial features? For example the difference between ESP 1 and ESP 2 is 50 points. If I got to ESP 2 through putting the ability in my first slot is this the same effect/ SRP cost as just buying it when I designed my life form?


Q. I just realizsed that I really messed up my race design. Is there any way I can eliminate features that really aren't important to get more SRP for research? Will Species Engineering allow me to fix this?





Q. What sequence does production occur in?


Q. When I issue a Ship command do I need all of the components available to assemble it or can they be finished during production and still be SHIP'ed in the same turn?


Q. Do industries or shipyards require power consumption?


Q. I see a number of people listed on my homeworld. Is this my total population?


Q. What use is the Build Priority number?


Q. Why shouldn't I just put all my production to the same priority level?


Q. Production looks confusing. Are there any spreadsheets available to help me out?


Q Can Fission reactors really blow up or is this included in the description just for color?


Q. Administrators and Merchants seem to have only a very very minor benefit. Are you planning on making them more useful such as allowing us to assign to to specific mines to have add a static bonus to?


Q. What use are Cargo Barges





Q. Are tunnel paths the same both directions?


Q. How long should I expect to wait until I make first contact if I don't explore many systems.


Q. How come I can chart a tunnel back to my homesystem that is an "F" but can't do that to another system?


Q. Does the tunnel size restrict movement through it to a limit per game turn?


Q. What is the difference between a PMAP and an ORB command?


Q. Do I need to do an ORB of every planet to find life?


Q. When I do an SS (system scan) command will I get communication signals like in Supernova 2?


Q. Is there a way to bust through a hard warp tunnel in a system with planets?


Q. My fleet was able to chart a D tunnel type in another system but can't seem to chart a different one. Nothing has changed to the fleet, why can't I do it now?


Q. Is there any way to tell the distance between two stars?


Q. Are there warp tunnel types that we can't see with beginning level sensors?


Q. Why are there so few player to player contacts?






Q. Can I build a ship that is 900 tons? 1900 Tons?


Q. Do I need a computer on every ship?


Q. Do I need to have a minimum percentage of hull on each ship as in Supernova 2?


Q. What are the advantages of building larger ships?


Q. What components are used for purposes of determining a success with charting a warp tunnel?


Q. What components are used for purposes of determining a success with EXPL missions?


Q. When I scrap a ship do I lose the ship combat experience value?


Q. Are Cargo Barges and Troop Shuttles build on as a ship component?






Q. What is the difference between a NM command and a MOVE command


Q. Can ships board one another in combat?


Q. Is battle damage retained after combat? or does damage control fix up ships like in Supernova 2?


Q. Will/ is there be a repair system to the game?


Q. Can you describe the impact of various formations?


Q. Fusion engines (an advancement not available at the beginning) mentions that they are unstable during combat. What does this mean?


Q. Will you make detailed battle reports available in the future? If so, will they have a price attached like in Supernova 2?


Q. Do ships retreat from Naval combat or is it "to the death"?


Q. Have you released the combat sequence to anyone, if so what is it?


Q. Does SENS automatically spot every enemy ship in a system?


Q. Will a beginning pathfinder always spot another beginning pathfinder when they are at the same location, or is there some kind of "spotting" coded into the game?


Q. Will ships ever be able to "slip past" another ship that is set up as a picket/blockade without being noticed?






Q. What is the procedure to actually invade a planet (from scratch)?


Q. Do neutrals have troops defending them?


Q. Can conquered worlds revolt?


Q. What use is a Troop Shuttle?






Q. How long should I expect to spend diplomacizing with a neutral?


Q. Are there any neutrals with significant populations (more than 1000 population units)?


Q. How do I diplomacize with other players to make them allies or enemies.


Q. What is the use of the ALLG (Alliegience).






Q. What is the function of the various leaders that is currently coded or planned in the future?


Q. Is there a cap to the number of leaders?


Q. Can leaders die?


Q. Can leaders be assigned to moons?






Q. Are there alliances in the game?


Q. Will you have a section for alliance posting?


Q. How do I set my allies in-game so my ships on Tango settings won't attack them?






Q. Approximately what is the attrition of each result?


Q. Is attrition a one-time hit as in Supernova 2, or each turn?


Q. When does attrition occur in a game turn phase?


Q. Can I build a colony on a Gas Giant?


Q. Can unemployment cause a revolution on a world?


Q. Does attrition come before growth?






Q. Is it useful to set up XEXPL (Exploration) fleets for technology gains?


Q. When the EXPL result mentions that I have some success in a technology, how does this translate into actual research? Is this like having one turn of one research center worth of advancement?


Q. Which leaders have an impact on EXPL?


Q. Do I need to build cargo holds on EXPL ships?


Q. Can items really be found currently? Or is this a future feature?


Q. If I assign multiple research centers, about how much effectiveness would I lose over slow research?


Q. How important are the basic sciences?


Q. What impact do the research bonuses from lifeform design have on research?


Q. Why can't I trade technology advancements with a neighbor?


Q. When I do an INST command, why doesn't it show the pre-requisites?


Q. Are empires who start with no saved research points going to be viable against those who gain 50-70 more key tech advances with SRP when it comes to empire combat?






Q. Does the star type have any impact to the game?


Q. I found a special star type. Is there any way I can research it?


Q. Does stellar terrain really have an impact on ships or is it there just for color?






Q. Are there currently means available to join religions or is that just color added?


Q. Supernova 2 had a donation system, will you have that here?






Q. What are some of the plans for the use of Espionage?


Q. How will I be able to insert espionage character to another player's world? If I can blow past all of their defenses to open a path, it seems like it will be very difficult to get an agent into place.




Martial Arts:


Q. What good are martial artists or the Martial Arts tradition?


Q. Do you have plans for personal combat for characters?





Q. Do you have or plan to have special events occur to empires?


Q. Will you continue to issue turn receipts?


Q. Will you be advertising in game magazines, etc?


Q. Will you offer an incentive to get new players to join?


Q. There seems to be a bit of manual work to process turns that RTG does. Is there anything that players can do to help reduce the work load?




...and for the non-PBMer's :


Q. Why do I have to pay to play this game?



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... Oh yah, a couple more:


Can I ANZ an item I found?


How do I delete standing orders (XEXPL)?


What are teh suggested number of EXPL orders that I should use to not get hit with diminishing returns (as in mine formula)?


How much fuel is gained on each SKIM mission?


If I keep using SURV on a system, will my chances improve to map it?


If a diplomatic mission fails, can I keep trying the same mission turn after turn and hope for a success?


If a SURV fails, can I keep trying turn after turn with the same mission and hope for a success?


What does the universe design look like?


How are players spaced in the universe?


If I start a new empire, will I be at a disadvantage to older empires due to having less technology?


Does orbital distance of a Warp Point have any impact on the game?


If I put a scientist on a colony will he/she be more effective?


If I have a research point in Type B Cloaking Devices through EXPL, and I don't even have the pre-requisites, can my scientists hit this and give me the tech advance?


Can advanced steel be put in the 1st slot and gained with saved research points in one turn?


Are there any goods beyond Advanced goods?


Supernova 2 seemed to have a lot of great combat and player interaction. Not much seems to be happening here. Is this by design?

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How do I quickly and easily tell where the new messages start that I haven't seen yet. I know that on the Galactic Forum page the darker blue envelope indicates there are new messages in that thread, but when I ckick on that thread, how do I tell where the new messages start? On the old board, all you had to do was scan down the page till you saw the "NEW" icon. Any way to do that here??

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If you would have looked more closely on the previous page, you would see that when there are new messages in a thread, there will be a small button with a down pointing arrow just to the left of the topic. If you hold your cursor over this a pop-up will tell you that clicking on this will take you to the unread messages in the thread. Hope that helps. :cheers:

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