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Yeah , if I do that , then usually it takes forever before one gets an answer...it is just an annoyance when something that has worked suddenly does not work . It is the same thing with the turns ...we turn them in to RTG a day earlier , for a time we were getting results back by Friday afternoon , and then the turns started getting later and later again . It is nothing catastrophic , but it is an annoyance . If I asked for updates on all the research points , then I basically have to ask it for the newest position , then parts of my first position ( specifically the shields which had 7 RC's assigned and did not move at all ) and and the second position . Pete will look at that and say that is too much . Add to that I had sent an email to get species eng points assigned after we got last turn and also to give info that my convy routes were giving info again for each run instead of saying ran to completion...no species eng points were assigned , and when I sent an email to Pete , he simply denies ever having gotten my first email . Sure , it is supposedly fixed now...but I lost one turn of population growth , which could potentially have meant another 10000 population to my homeworld .

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