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Operation Sponge Wipe


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Siridar Fief “SENSORED” Imperial Home World

Today we are announcing the start of a major government undertaking which we have named “Operation Sponge Wipe”. Let it be clear that this will not be an easy undertaking. Every imperial citizen no matter what their station in life will have to roll up their sleeves and assist with this effort.


At the successful completion of this campaign we expect the standard of living for every citizen to be greatly improved. Further details will be forth coming soon.


Thufir Hawat Imperial Press Spokesman


Mean while in a small hamlet outside Siridar Fief

John Jones: Martha what the hell are they talking about?

Martha Jones: I think they’re wanting us to clean our toilets. Pick me up some Tidy Bowl cleaner on your way home. And don't forget the beer.

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Flash News:

This reporter has confirmed that the high command is putting major resources into the study of an ancient manual that was found on an undisclosed planet. This is especially note worthy considering the ongoing conflicts the empire is engaged in.


We have obtained a copy through a resource in the Office of Imperial Information. Unfortunately the copy has not been translated. We have our network resources working on that now. The only part they have been able to translate so far is the title “To Serve Sponge”. More information to follow.


P.S. Apology to Damon Knight and Rod for using their idea :rolleyes:

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