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Calling on the Pride 4988


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hello madmartinb


i didnt know how to answer, what you asked. :oops: i hope we are not have war now! if we are have war, i think it is not so good for you. :):robot::robot::robot:


if we are war, then :) where i am, like feet and you are like happy smile face,,,only instead not happy smile face but maybe sad-sad face,,,and scared?


so please letting me know how maybe we are friends-friends! :cheers:

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With fear and trepidation The Eyre decided to send a lone colony ship out another system in the hopes of finding a good world.


There were rumours of another war mongering alliance using our monicker of GSL. We feared for our fleet so we attached a light escort vessel barely able to handle the offensive weapons a pathfinder carries.


We leapt through the system where we were attacked! Yes attacked by this dreaded other GSL. Fear swept through the ranks of our peaceful people. Desires for a better defense. Maybe a combat ship should be built?


Finally saner heads prevailed and we, since we wear the "white hats" decided we would negotiate with this nefarious GSL group. We have decided that we will provide them aid. We desire only to be the good guys!


I have asked our Foreign Minister Cao Cao to open dialogs. Perhaps these people have heard of the Gremloid home world. We have rescued millions of these innocent sentients who only desire to go home.


Thank God we had added our strongest ship...a mere patrol boat to the Colony Fleet for protection. Maybe they had a reactor problem. Maybe the heavens protected us.



The Eyre # 2335 [Jolly Roger On A Black Background]


--------------------[Deploy Location 7] 1 CVF Condor Predator Class (Frontier Carrier - 252,100 tons [each])------------

Fire Control: Minimal .. Maneuverability: Lumbering .. Sensors: Blind .. Shields: Feeble .. Structural Integrity: Sturdy

40 10cm Gauss Gun (Projectile) .... 10 Fighter Bay .... 10 Light Sonic Disruptor (Sonic) .... 100 Mk I Deflector .... 100 Mk

I Force Shield .... 10 Mk I Thunderbolt Arc generator (Energy Discharge) .... 30,000 Titanium Composite Armor .... 5 Type B

Defense Screen

*****Notice my poor escort ship!**********

--------------------[Deploy Location 7] 1 COLS Warpers (Small Colonial Transport - 34,200 tons [each])------------------

Fire Control: Minimal .. Maneuverability: Lumbering .. Sensors: Blind .. Shields: None .. Structural Integrity: Average

** Imperial Navy Report: Fleet Order of Battle **


--------------------[Deploy Location 7] 1 FS Pathfinder (Fleet Scout - 12,000 tons [each])------------------------------

Fire Control: Fair .. Maneuverability: Lumbering .. Sensors: Average .. Shields: None .. Structural Integrity: Sturdy

1 10cm Autocannon (Projectile) .... 1,200 Standard Hull Plate .... 1 Type A Defense Screen

:blink: Attacked. We, a mere patrol boat escorting a transport!!!! :rolleyes:


Followed closely by a Small Colonial Transport, a Condor class Frontier Carrier emerges from a warp point in the ............ The Pride vessel gets off the first shot while The Eyre vessels materialize, but it is swarmed by hundreds of Attack Fighters and is blown into billions of tiny radioactive pieces….


:o Thank God we wear the White Hats! :unsure:

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Minister of Non-Benthii Affairs -


It is with great joy that we see of your love for the poor distraught Gremloids in our Galaxy! We, The Eyre, are proud of this great leap of faith you have taken. How easy it was for the T'chkon to abuse they small, furry creatures. How easy for our intergalactic peers to discuss cooking recipes!


We are a friendly race. We have our ROEs set to Zulu. As far away from the hostile Alpha as our Defense Minister could find. Our largest warship is a meer fleet patrol craft. A small microcosmic piece of dust. It barely stood up to a pathfinder! :blink:


The communication you heard must have been from our Wing Commander. A Colonist at heart, who in a moment of fear reported he was under attack. We have begged him (we are a loving race so we work in emotional accord) :rolleyes: to set his ROE to Zulu so that war would not break out. We believe that he was so distraught over the lack of the incredible elixir "homebrew" :unsure: that he only went as far as Sierra.


This of course enabled miscommunications to occur since our loving neighbor "The Pride" was set to the dastardly Quebec setting. :o


We respectfully wish to work in Gremloid love with you.


Sincerely and with expansive Gremloid Air Kisses!

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Although I am gladdened by the intergalactic interest in the preservation of Gremloid Ideals and Individuals I am somewhat worried by the Tortugan reference to Gremloids as "Furry". We believe you might have discovered the remenants of the old Genetically Deviant slave colony of Fuuzball. These our cousins were bred for some ancient and forgotten sport by our old slavemasters. Apparently they managed to combine our instinctive reflex to curl up into a ball with a dash of fur for play on wet terrain, hence the mistake on your part as all know the Gremloids to be slightly scaled and no, the scales can NOT be ground up into a powder and use as a potency inducer!!! :rolleyes:


We hope this clears up any mistakes and bid you treat our cousins well, they need to be kicked at least once a day or will feel neglected and start to breed ferociously out of boredom, we all remember the tragic incident at Sagma Delta 3 where the Ocean worlds entire kelp farms were devoured in a manner of days.


For further handling instructions please contact our public relations minister Sweettounge Alpha!



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Avast Captain Jack Crow I hear has never set his settings below Zulu.


So I guess those peaceful loving Eyre (bloodthirsty pirates they be) (with what appears to be a Warp Buster ship accompaning the frigate), just were testing their equipment after warping in and didn't notice until to late that the smoked into tiny, tiny pieces a pathfinder... :lol: :blink:


We do love those tall tales, keep'm coming. :cheers:



Live Emanon

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