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The Identity of Cao Cao


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The dreaded Cao Cao has resurfaced. Insuferable posts, mass hysteria and panic. We, Wing Commander of the Eyre, swear to the assembled nations that we will uncover the dreaded Cao Cao.


As a first step we propose Lord Valwyn as the impostor Cao Cao! There are similarities in their writing style, their wit and most importantly their comprehensive knowledge of Latin. Who else can quote Latin with such flair!


Cao Cao..you are identified.





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To: MadMartinB, Eternus IV, et al

Fr: CaoCao the Wicked

Re: Scurrilous Lies


We and the Heavens which command us are most flummoxed by your comparison of us to the Little Lord Valwyn of Gossipping Sissies' League fame. It is entirely unclear to us how we could be confused with he. Attend! We shall consider the issue from several vantages:


1) Writting Style


CaoCao the Wicked: Articulate and original.

Little Lord Valwyn: Windy and shot with plagarism.


2) Manliness Quotient, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1=Paul Reubens, 10=Charlemagne)


CCtW: 10

LLV: -4


3) Religious Practices


CCtW: the Heavens

LLV: False Gods


We hope this clarifies the issue of our demonstrable superiority. As for the charge that our missives are "insufferable," we are given to assure you that this is a burden we are working to releive you of with all deliberate haste.


Delenda est Valwyno


CaoCao the Wicked


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We too have been looking at the language and style used.


We're pretty sure that Cao Cao and EMANON are the same person. We're also pretty sure that EMANON has entire conversations with himself :)


I don't think we have to look that far for the 'real' person behind them both :)


Chief Existentialist and Amateur Psychologist to Ur-Lord Tedric

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Ur Lord Tedric,


I delight in your decoder ring Amateur Psychology! Alas Cao Cao and I not cojoined twins. :robot:


I did enjoy Laserwolf poignant insight :robot:


Why would you think we are one and the same and talking to myself. I use the single of I, me... well you use the we. It would appear that you are holding conversations with yourself. Being the board troll I would think you would notice there is quite a bit of difference in our styles. He is a little more verbose, while I am a tab bit more direct.


As to Cao Cao, I would lean towards a Californian :) and has now moved north to Washington or Oregon where he is getting a steady supply of grey days that are causing serious depression. That's what my decoder ring told me :)




Live Emanon

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Well, I say, have a beer and don't worry about it. :)

Besides, how do we really know that we aren't all CaoCao? :)

My Mk VII Advanced Heavy Total Conversion 68 T'ckon CaoCao Detectors are pointing in every direction possible. :robot:

Besides, if Cao Cao is going to conquer everybody and eat them, he'll need to wash it down with something! :robot:



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