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Going to start experimenting with Universal Gates in the near future. I did have one question. Is the distance the same in both directions between two particular UGs? To clarify, if I transfer from Planet A to Planet B, is the distance between the same no matter which direction I go or can it be different based upon which one initiates the TR order? I was planning on issuing 2 TRs with each one with a different initiator to see if the loss rate is the same in both directions.


Sakarissa :alien2:

The Circle

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Gates use the real 3d coordinates to determine the loss rate. So to answer your question, yes both ways have the same loss ratio.


And a two gate hop can have less loss rate than a direct hop. So loss rate is *not* proportional to range.

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Not any longer. You now need a Universal Cargo Gate, a Planetary Cargo Gate and a Transportation Center if you want to use

all three variants of transportation.


A few years ago, UGs could TR to any popgroup without range and whatsover gate at the destination.


That bug got fixed with the reintroduction of the gate loss rate. Some month ago the UG to PG transfer was fixed as well, so

now you need UG <-> UG, PG <-> PG and TR <-> TR connections.

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