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Question as input for new Victory! tool.


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I guess you use Apple Macintosh computers at home.


My resolution isn't amongst your listing, which is 1280x1024.


1280x960 is an Apple Computer resolution, not a Windows PC standard one. :python:


Actually, work has supplied me with a Dell Latitude E6500 running Windows 7 SP1. It certainly has a very nice screen!

The resolutions I got from wikipedia, I changed it for you!

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Wunderbar. Vic, a 20 year old ASCI game. And I use a 24" to process all the intel :blush: . 1920*1200 all zhe way.

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please, please, please, please make it cross-platform.... So either webbased or some crossplatform programming language like java / python.


Thanks so much..


(yes I will have to use DosBox emulator to use the oldest version of the turneditor to enter orders for Vic92 when it starts on my Mac)

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Sorry, not gonna happen. As soon as VB.NET supports other platforms, you'll be able to use my applications on anything other than Windows. It's the only programming language I know.

Web-based might be an option, but then I would need a Windows based web server at least. Which I don't have, and I don't think Russ has one either. Although he could get one at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/, I'm not sure it's worth the money at this point.

Plus it would probably take me a couple of months at least to transform it to a web based app, on top of the couple of months it's going to take me to finish it in the first place.



Thanks for all the feedback everyone, since there are still a lot of people on resolutions lower than I expected, I have put some extra effort in making the application look acceptable in smaller windows. I think it's okay now.


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Just so you know,


Windows 7 (and probably Vista before it) have undergone a subtle change in the default installation, which hugely affects your perceived resolution.


Upto and including Windows XP, the default font size (which forms the basis for the size calculations of user interface elements) was set to 96 dpi. Vista and Windows 7 changed that to 120 dpi, which upto XP was classified as the Large font.


Simply put, everything on the display is 25% larger in Windows 7/Vista, meaning that a form that, designed on XP, uses a 1024 pixels horizontally, will occupy 1280 pixels on Windows 7.


I don't exactly know what vb.net does during application startup, but I do know what my own delphi/cppbuilder RTL does. It takes the designer display dpi (which is the setting on my development PC), looks at the display dpi of the system on which it starts running, and rescales/repositions each and every user interface element with that scaling factor.


BTW. How does vb.net score on the speed front?


I used to mess around with VB code in Excel to read and parse victory result files, and wasn't exactly blown away by it's speed (or should I say, lack thereof). Where Excel was chewing away for around a minute, my own c++ code (using the delphi RTL foundation) could do the job in one or two seconds, while extracting 10 times as much info out of the result file.

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I specify the default window size in the application, and I don't think the font size in the application is changed. It's been a loooong time since I used a Windows XP machine, so I would't know what my application looks like there.


VB.NET is not the fastest language around, but in this case, parsing the results file takes only a fraction of a second I think.

VBA (like VBScript) is much slower because it's interpreted and not compiled code.

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