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Actually, though there is not a 2 billion cap on stockpiles, there is a 2 billion cap on BI orders. You can enter numbers larger than 2 billion, but only 2 billion will build per order (assuming you have enough industiral capacity and resources in stockpile). So if you want to build 4 billion steel, you have to enter two BIs of 2 billion each. If you enter a number larger than 2 billion, only 2 billion will build.


Also, there is a 2 billion limit for the quantity field of transfer orders. This is not that big a deal because the transfer order allows multiple entries per order. So, to transfer 6 billion iron, you have to enter "iron, 2 billion, iron, 2 billion, iron, 2 billion".


The 2 billion limit on fuel per FLEET is a big deal. This is per fleet, not per ship. This makes logistics a bit of a problem for multibillion ton fleets. Fuel was always suspected to be a limiting factor on an empire's expansion. But those who thought it was due to the mechanics of skimming (amount of fuel skimmed per skimmer x action points) were off the mark a bit. High AP ships essentially negated any limiting factor that fuel might have had on the game. The true limiting factor is now revealed in the 2 billion ton limit of fuel per fleet.

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Actually with the right combo of technologies the 2 billion ton limit on fuel is also not that big a deal. It makes the game even more interesting by

forcing the creation of logistical networks to support such large fleets. The 2 billion ton limit on fuel will not only limit the range but the actual warp point size that such a fleet can jump! The larger the fleet the more limiting the warp point class that can be transited. Add in man made worm holes at key strategic star systems such as those with F or higher warp points that must be transited and you 'jump' around the issue. Of course a player or group of players must actually build the wormholes and defend them with cloaks and troops but thats where the interesting part comes in. :) There are of course other stategies but this one seems to me to be the most fun! :)

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Not that big a deal??? Difference of opinion I guess. :wacko:


I would consider "forcing the creation of logistical networks to support such large fleets" to be a pretty big deal. It's order intensive, involves multiple paths of research and technologies and certainly has a big impact on how the game will be played - strategic and logistic implications, expansion/attack strategies, defensive implications, ship design, fleet composition, coordination with allies, etc.


And this isn't even considering the potential consequences of not accounting for this limit (especially if a player didn't know this limit was in place) - the domino affect of failed move/warp orders (real money cost to the player), failed attacks, lost battles, lost production - the list could be endless.


Does it add more layers of interest, strategy, and logistics? I think most players would say that it does. Can it's limits be minimized with technology and rethinking strategies and losgistics? Certainly. Not a big deal? I wouldn't say that.


It's not just a big deal, it's a huge deal. :)

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Totally unasked for thought for the day....


Brute force and ignorance can often win the day, but brute force and careful planning/execution is as near a perfect way of coming out on top as is humanly possible!


(fading back into obscurity....)

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Your right, it is a difference of opinion. I can see you side though but Im bias towards enabling the logistics side of the game. That aspect is just as important if not more so then the brute strength side of the game.


I never expressed a "side". "Big deal" does not equate to having a negative impact on the game, which is the way you seem to have misinterpreted my remark. Whether the impact is positive, negative, or somewhere inbetween, I think it is a big deal.


The difference in opionion that I reffered to was not a difference in HOW this limit impacts the game, but the fact that it DOES impact the game. I said it was a big deal....you disagreed and said it was not that big a deal.


I was simply comparing the impact of the 2 billion limit on Build Item and Transfer order entry fields to that of a 2 billion limit on fuel capacity per fleet. The former is not a big deal - simply add an extra order/input or two. The latter is a big deal as it impacts the game on multiple levels.

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