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DIV order improvement


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I just finished coding and testing an update to the DIV (Division Assignment) order. The format is the same as always, but if you use the following format, all divisions will be transferred from the Army directly back into the Pop Group without needing an orbiting transport to pick them up and then drop them off. This not only saves you potentially many orders, but gets around the archaic requirement of needing troop transports in orbit for divisions who should have just walked/slithered/crawled/flown/tunneled/whatever 100 meters outside of their base back into the general population group. Use the key word DETACH as the third entry in the DIV order. It is not case sensitive, so you could enter Detach or DETACH or even deTacH and it would work fine.


DIV, Population Group #, Army #, DETACH




DIV, 1435, 12, DETACH


The above order will detach every division in army # 12 and place all of them in pop group # 1435. All of the normal restrictions for DIV still apply, so army # 12 needs to be located in pop group # 1435. There must be at least 1 division in the army to be detached. You need to own pop group # 1435. Nothing else is done to army # 12, so it still exists as an empty shell at its current location. You could then issue a normal DIV order to transfer some divisions back into it, or load some of the divisions onto an orbiting troop transport and then issue a DIV, 1435, 12, ALL to transfer all of the remaining divisions back into army # 12, or leave them in the pop group for future use.


Note that divisions in a pop group do not normally defend the world they are on, but this is not a certainty. To be absolutely certain that they will fight, be sure to DIV them from the pop group into an army.


You would still use DGF (Disband Ground Force) to completely destroy an army that has no divisions in it and is therefore completely empty. DGF just destroys an already empty army id #, and there is no change to the DGF order.

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Same here, very much appreciated! :)


It was quite time consuming before if you had set-up a large army which you later on wanted to grab a few of each division type from; you would have to pick-up and deliver all the army back to the colony to then grab the divisions you wanted, seriously loving this update!!! :)

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