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Signild Imperium of Kosmos #1047

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Message to all Aliens.


I am the Grand Inquisitor. i have no name merely the title given to me by my Emperor, Pétr XVII Herrmann, at birth. Now that our kind has finally reached the stars after so much toil i have been granted the job of overseeing communications directly from the Emperor and Royal Family. Our fleets are leaving our home and heading forward to spread our influence so that all can benefit from the wisdom of our Royalty. The Emperor is sending his Sons with our warships to protect our new worlds and his daughters to oversee peaceful diplomatic negotiations. We are peaceful, and will only fight if threatened. But let it be known that should death come to a daughter of the Signild people there will be never be peace.


If any Aliens receive this we urge you to contact us so we may learn from each other. We will be soon broadcasting a brief summary of our history so all may know our beginnings.


~ The Grand Inquisitor

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The General is right, but stranger things have happened and sometimes the galaxy throws a curve ball and newbies end up near older empires.


You will probably find that it will be a few months before you meet any empire, but this gives you plenty of time to learn the ropes and get organised :)


Should our empires meet we look forward to establishing trade and diplomacy with your empire :)

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