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experimenting with BOMB

Drago Musevini

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The Drago-Kavov Empire has moved over our enemy's homeworld this turn. I will begin bombardment soon. What can I expect? Do I hit troops or buildings or both? Will the other player get a report that he is being bombarded? Will I know each turn what damage I do or must I PMAP? Can I kill enemy leaders this way? (Can they be killed using your Special Agents?)


This is the first step in removing the elephant race of the Upper Tier from the Universe.

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Bombing will cause infrastructure damage and kill pop.

The real question is why you would want too. It would

Be much better to land troops and defeat his ground troops.

If you win you will have just added at least

500000 pop to your empire. Seems a waste to kill them

when they could become workers for your mines

industrial facilities etc etc

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I have done it before to send my dear enemy a clear message that I do not care about his pop , but I do want to eliminate him from the game....I killed about 30-35 thousand pop and a good deal of installations . Two turns later he dropped , and I landed the necessary troops and took what remained .

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