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The SNROTE Turn Entry program will work but it can get annoying if Windows decides to "protect" you in various ways. Here are some instruction I wrote where everything is broken down into many small steps:


Install SN Turn Entry program
Breaking it down into as many simple steps as possible ;-)
(1) Create the directory snrote on the C: drive of your computer
(3) download Snrote.exe (4,683K) to c:\snrote **OR** just download it and run it
(4) Run Snrote.exe you haven't already done so.
(5) Unzip the files to c:\snrote
(6) Make sure you have 10 "items" in c:\snrote
- the subdirectory "Orders to RTG"
- the subdirectory "SetupFil
- 6 readme files
- SN Turn Entry Data.mdb
- Snrote.exe
(7) Go to the subdirectory SetupFiles
(8) run Setup.exe
(9) Windows 8 will probably ask you for permission here
(10) Once the setup program is running it is going to try to install a bunch of DLL files. When it asks about conflicts keep the newer versions of DLL files. I had to click "yes" 12 times.
(11) Check if that worked: run turnentry.exe in the c:\snrote directory
(12) if that runs, you are almost there!
(13) download SN Turn Entry.zip (231K) from RTG: http://rollingthunder.com/supernova/SNFTP.htm
(14) Make sure the zip file is in c:\snrote
(15) Unzip the file to c:\snrote
(16) Overwrite SNturnentry.exe if the unzip program asks for permission
(17) Verify the date of that SNturnentry.exe is 4/22/2004
(18) download a turn MDB file into c:\snrote
(19) run SN Turn Entry program
(20) did it work? I hope so!
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