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Heat Zones and the like


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Occasionally I come across dangerous things in systems revealed with SS orders such as Heat Zones that indicate they will destroy ships. Oftentimes these are centered around the system's star and may have an AU range. However, there is no order to go to the star, so sometimes it seems these supposed dangers will have no impact. How does one tell if they can "go around" the hazard as they move about the system?


For example, I currently am in a system with a Heat Zone with a pathfinder. the PAthfinder has no defensive systems against heat other than standard hull plate, so it is likely to be melted into slag if it enters the heat zone. It has been in the system for many turns now with no harm, sitting at a warp point that is many more AU's away than the Heat Zone's range. However, I want to move the ship to another warp point, also outside the range of the heat zone. Can I assume my ship won't have to pass through the Heat Zone? Space being as big as it is, I imagine so.....


Can we assume that as long as our destination is not shown as within the hazard we can safely move to it within a system? On the flipside, I imagine if one were to blindly warp into a system where the receiving end of the warp point is within such a hazard, they may be in for a rude surprise.


Republic of Jemp

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A Heat Zone is in fact the very first hazard my first exploration ships(pathfinders) did encounter when leaving our Home System. They ended up right in the middle of one but werent turned to slag. Quick action by the navigator and damage control parties prevented serious damage to the ship. go figure. :P

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Has anyone else actually had a ship destroyed in any of these danger zones? When I've entered them, it's always reported that damage was avoided or mirnor damage was successfully repaired (but I've never encountered a black hole).


MMB, have you sent any more ships into the black hole? If so, has it always been the same result or have you had anything survive.


I have also noticed that the effects of these danger zones seem only to be triggered when moving into them. I have left ships within danger zones for many, many turns with no report of damage. Also, nothing seems to happen when moving out of them.

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I currently have several ship/fleets sitting inside the gravity well of a black hole and nothing is happening to them. They SCAN every turn and still nothing.


Other fleets routinely get a little toasted when going through a particular warp point as there is some terrain effect that most offen comes into play.



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