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Draco Question - Imperial Marines Soldiers


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In regards to the rule that research slot 1 is capped at 2nd generation items........



1) If a 3rd generation item is inadveratanelty put in slot 1 will the Saved research points the go to slot 2,3,4,5, etc.. until a first or second generation item is found?


2) Is Improved steel a first or 2nd gen item? I.e. can advanced steel ever be put in slot 1???


I know these questions are a little bit ahead of themselves but just trying to get a feel for things.

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Saved points will try to work on slot 1 if they can; if they cannot, they will try on slot 2, and then slot 3 and so on. If they do manage to get spent on a slot, they will not work on any further slots that turn.


Improved Steel is not a 1st generation item.


Advanced Steel could not be completed under the current 2nd generation slot 1 limitation.


Costs for some tech items have changed, so be aware that they might not be the same as in Andromeda. This could burn off more saved points that you might be expecting, or otherwise just take longer to research normally.


Costs to build some items have also changed--a good example would be Cargo Bays, which show up in your RTD listing as significantly less expensive than you might be used to. Troop Berthings also show up in the first-turn RTD listing, have added entertainment facilities, and are more expensive.

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