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Building a new Victory! program

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Hello all,


Some of you might be interested to know that I have found some spare time, and have started programming a replacement for my manually compiled Excel sheets. Something that shows my stockpiles, production, consumption and where I will have shortages etc. Step one is to build a parser that will transform a results file into an object that can be used to create nice tables. While building the parser I ran into the fact that (as far as I remember) I have never built landfronte fortifications, so I have no clue what they look like on your turn results. They are not really necessary for the economic part that I'm focusing on now, but I thought I'd be thorough and try to get as much information as I could out of the turn results.

So, could anyone send me some old turn results that have landfronte fortifications? Preferably different levels and multiple fortifications in the same results file so I know what they all look like.


If you have any ideas what the new program should do, or how it should show certain information, feel free to leave a message too.



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Looking for some input on this:


My new program will take a turn results file and analyze it. It will then keep a predicted game state in memory that changes when you enter orders. This way it can help avoid some order failures, like using too much rail capacity or moving an army that does not exist. Now I come to some orders that have a random factor in them. For example APD. What do you think is best to do in those cases. Assume failure? Assume success? Generate a random result? The latter will change every time you change an order, so it seems a bit less helpful.

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My biggest problem is how to handle OMG results.


For all others:

APD will assume success (5%)

BPA will assume success

DW will assume success

FP will assume failure

RPD will assume failure





The program is not completely working yet, you cannot enter all orders and so far there is no export function, so it's not useful as a replacement for VOEP. I will give a shout when it is ready and need more testers.

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Why handle OMG results? Why not add a checkbox that can be added when assuming success? Leave it up to the user if an attack will be successful or not. There are many variables which aren't always accessible by your program. Other may have done TAS, found out the defensive order, etc etc.


If the checkbox is checked, assume the user knows what he's doing and move units. You can even add two fields a user can edit: Assume win and estimated losses (%). That way you can even calculate needed replacements if wanted.

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