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Scenario: You are a new player in the game in Draco. You meet up with an old hand bent on your destruction. How can you hold them off and other allies they may have?


1. The learning curve of game mechanics for battles, avoiding fleets etc require contact with more seasoned players.

2. 8 AP fleets will not slow down expansion in 1st contact nor invasions of close neighbors.

3, Your enemy even with slow AP may be able to avoid your fleets.

4. By turn 4, other players may be working on generation 3 weapons, armor AND jump survey sensors.

5. By turn 6, an old hand could break through all warp points not in nexus within one jump and will expand one system every two to three turns as long as it has planets. ( On turn 2, I have the tech to break E's without leaders or science stations)

6. I would recommend having SRP to help close the gap.

7. Decide on your weapon and armor systems you want to focus on.

8. Map those pesky Warp points.

9. Place colony beacons to help break Warp points.

10. Ignore what I am saying most people are hiding from the Death Machines :)

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It all depends on what the tech and industrial base differences are when you have the encounter. In Draco the biggest advantage you will have is that fleet speeds, especially for war fleets will effectively be 1. As most folks don't explore with their main battle fleets you will have a number of turns to prepare. That preparation can be to devote all of your RC's to some tech you lack.


So in response to your specific items that seem to need a response-

2) No fleets will be 8 AP for a very long time, like when you have level 8+ weapons.

3) If you are the younger empire you will likely be on the defensive and defending your HW and colonies does not require much movement.

4) Yes, and level 3 weapons can take out starting PDF's in sufficient quantity, however, it will be many turns before that will happen. Also, level 3 weapons require improved materials and those will require another 27 turns to research unless you spend SRP's on them. In any case many turns to go. From what I have seen, it would take all of a HW's production for a year or so to build enough to think about taking on a PDF.

5) By turn 6 a lucky person can be 3 systems out. If you think distances between HW's are more like 5 hops in Draco as opposed to the 8-10 hops that Andromeda started with then that would indicate that a potential enemy could drop int your home system on turn 9 or 10. This assumes that you can move to a new system at every opportunity and only have low WP's to go through.



I think you are probably correct about starting PDF vs a player, however DMZ's could be a different issue all together.


Being behind on tech can suck, but it is not insurmountable. Defenses cost less than offensive units and are more effective. Build lots of armor and weapons and keep at it until your enemy has bloodied himself on your planet. While doing that devote all your RC's to bridge the weapons or armor gap.


and then hope....



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