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Well, in my experience one bomb is much the same as any other bomb, the higher the level the better and the more of them the better.  Using enough of them will turn a planet into a cinder and kill off most all the population, but not the army.  The planet is then pretty much useless to about anybody.

There are a few that are required for more advanced techs, primarily for drones.  The main use for MDD tech is for the ground combat bonus that you get. Many of these are the mental powers and are the only way to boost those numbers after the mental power itself.


In my view the easiest one to research is the best one to go for if you are looking to BOMB your neighbor.  For the GATK bonus you will eventually want them all. 


Construction costs are negligible as you won't ever need that many so it matters not if one is a bit easier to build or not.


The defense is the same for all.  Don't let ships over your worlds and you are safe.  If that is not possible then you will want to build Planetary Shield Generators.  I can't say that I have ever seen them do anything, but it could be that they were overwhelmed by the number of MDD's dropped.



This is based on Andromeda data and experience.  At present the BOMB order is not an option and only Pete knows if it will be making a return.  I would like to see it in Andromeda but not Draco.  Pete could have also changed the tech, given other uses etc.


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