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Ground Combat in Draco Who Has Done It  

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11 hours ago, The Fremen said:

I still think that it’s a bit early for ground combat even over 2 years in. 

Will you figured by know one of empire's would have ground combat

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In my view the only combat you are likely to see is somebody picking off an enemy colony.  Even a core position would be hard pressed to have amassed the amount of required fleet to take out the bastions of a dropped position.  An actively defended position is still a ways off in my view and somebody with a sabotaged position is probably going to keep quiet about it for now.

In addition, the dropped positions are not likely to have interesting ground results with just the initial 5 Divisions defending.

finally - ground combat is so specific to lifeform design and current tech that the results are not very useful to the public at large and would just serve as intel on the poster's own position being give away if the details were let out.  So, I would not expect much in the way of detail coming out.





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