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The calculations behind TAS revealed

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Hi all. Warning, long post.

I've been working on the calculations behind TAS. Getting very close to the correct numbers I think. 

For those interested: Effective TAS value per plane = TASrating*TasBonus*RangePenalty*Effectiveness*XPBonus

TASrating: From Vic info on planes
TasBonus: Number as shown on Battle report (TA bonus + General bonus)
RangePenalty: 1.2-range/Maxrange
Effectiveness: nr planes/max nr planes
XPBonus: green 80%, etc

Add numbers together for the TAS of the force. Multiple with the SeasonMod and with (1- FlakPercentage)

SeasonMod: From -50% in winter to +50%
Flakpercentage: number as shown on Battle reports.

This gets you the overall TAS for the force, which needs to be divided by the number of groups in the force, to get a effective TAS value per group.

From here you do damage on Units. Pick a random unit in the target force and do: TAS value per group/(Factor*Toughness) % damage on that unit.

Factor: 6
Toughness: (OFFvalue+DEFvalue)*(1+Bonus)*(1+XP) and divide this by DMS value.
Bonus: All training + General bonus added together

So I've put all this info in an Excel sheet and I'm getting consistent results. All numbers seem to add up, for most battles. But I need more data, so I'm looking for people who are interested in helping me correct the last few details. This means entering lots of TAS results into the sheet and checking if the resulting numbers are correct. To be able to do so, you'll need a computer running an up to date version of MS Excel, to be able to use the xlsx file. 

Info from the attacker is quite simple, you need to know the range, season and info from the Battle report.
Info on the defender is more difficult, as you need to know Tech (not always in BR), General (always in BR), army def option if in city (DD or HD), Army training (get info from landbattles against enemy), and the fort level, if in a city (province forts don't give protection as far as I've seen).

If anyone is willing to try this out, it will certainly help in getting the correct formula. Contact me, or leave your name in the topic if you're interested.

Cheers, Falco

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Wow!  Seems like you have put a lot of work into this. Commendable but is it really necessary to get past the consistent numbers you claim to have achieved? 

The only aspect I find that needs exact calculations in Victory is logistics or it will bite you hard. :D

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