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First Contact


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The following transmission was sent to a Royal Illuminati Protectorate fleet located in the Andron system, Warp Point #28966 that was encountered by my fleet which just warped into that system.


"Warmest greetings from Clan Elder Sakarissa of the Skaarl. We are delighted in discovering other Life in the deepest black of the galaxy. We wish to establish peaceful relations with your people. There is much for us to discuss. We await your reply."


Sakarissa :D

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:cheers::D Hey I object,


The word "ILLUMINATI" has always been my Symbol for my empire (included within my empire's symbol description) and have used it as my ICQ nickname for the past 5 yrs....Gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! :thumbsup:


BUT I guess someone ELSE could use it in their empire's name :D

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Yes, I am sharing since this is the first contact report I have received since the game began. Yes, I am one of the Elder races and have just received my Turn 27 results this morning. I'm kinda jazzed about getting a contact report. It's the highlight of this turn except for uncovering 1st Generation Cybernetics.....


Sakarissa :beer:

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Greetings, Clan Elder Sakarissa!


Indeed, it is a pleasure to make contact with another space-faring race after 26 cycles in isolation. I look forward to untold cycles of peace and friendship between our races.


Witch King MacBeth

of the

Royal Illuminati Protectorates



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