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DRACO: New Installation - Terraforming Station


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Ooh, I just got a new installation!

The Terraforming Station.

The description in the INST:

Terraforming Stations are required to allow for advanced civil engineering projects
concerned with the alteration of specific planetary features. They also directly counter
some of the more irritating features of a hostile world, providing a general attrition
benefit for your colonists.

And in the installations section of my turn report:

Terraforming Station                Needed for special strategic projects, general attrition bonus; more is better

Just a few quick questions:

There is no mention of population needed to run these, and no firm figures as to max stations I can build, so it looks like I can use them to offset colonial attrition on worlds with heavy attrition by building lots of them. Has anyone had experience using Terraforming Stations in this way?





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