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Empire# 2964 Megachiroptera


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The position in question has suffered serious losses over the years.  I would say that over 1.5T tons have been reduced to slag.  The previous owner retired and passed along the position to somebody else, no idea who, and it is my understanding that it has since changed hands one or more times. 

That is the short history. 

If you see fleets moving around then it is active.

If you can't tell then attack it and see if it moves.

If you are it just looking to see if it all clear, just stand up proud and announce it. 



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Thanks Hobknob

MY friend wants to to take it over is all . I guess he been attacking some of there fleet . He didn't know if it was active or not is all  is all. I guess he never got a answer  from him

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i like the shoot it and see if it complains approach... unless of course someone is doing that to me... :)

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