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I, Gjor'haan, called as a disciple of Gjo'jaol, Darkness of Darkness, and Shor'ha, his servant; to the assembly of the stars which is known as Phoenix Rising, to those that have been sanctified in Darkness, disciples by calling, with all who in every place call upon Gjo'jaol for strength: yield the following prophecy.


Despots known as Phoenix Rising, hear me well.


Your doublespeak has caused the greatest offense with those who have the strength to oppose you, and cautious approach to those who do not comprehend your true purpose to gather amongst the stars.


The Great Transcendence reveals you! Ancient friendships and reconciliations forge your alliance; out of fear from falling forever and swiftly behind the heels of the wise ones, many of which who are known as the Galactic Star League. Their Kol'braa, a traitor, a snake-dog of Ur'loaa, has yet to plant the seed of their own demise. Treason shall still destroy them so long as their Kol'braa remains. I shall repeat what has been written ages ago about the Galactic Star League:


I will destroy the works of the righteous heart, and the inventions of the inventor, I will set aside. The deceiver shall devour his own undoing and choke on his reward. The Fortress of Fjor'haa, the Great League, shall be consumed in a great fire."



The Kli'lal, the lazy flame, [Cao Cao] “The Wicked", shall try to save them, only to be shattered against the foundation of prophecy. He too, with all of his cleverness, shall peril in his own invention.


For just like a single song of a pulsar, that flashes out at one point in time, and then swiftly another, so will the be the Galactic Star League, CaoCao and their days.


And the sons of Gjor'haan will have the fortune to witness it.


Your true adversary?


One who lurks; the most treacherous Kol’braa of all. One you know, but know not. It has been written:


“The poisoned blade best hides behind tedious amiability.”




Your announcement has been translated by the prophets to the temples of Gurj‘lha. A consensus has been found, a passage marked:


“The Great Demarcation shattered; the truce removed.  The innocent have fallen, their stars set on oceans of red.  The Cauldron cannot gather what has been devoured by the deceiver’s fire.  In haste, the Dark Bird continues its devastation and pursues Gjo’jaol, yet breaks its neck: drowning into the very Cauldron they have prepared.  A bright pyre, followed by the glorious Darkness of darkness.  All praise Gjo’jaol for his protection.”




Your very creed, Dark Bird, reveals you. I shall translate, like Shadow Kitsune has done. You may find my translation more abrasive:


The Dark Bird's Creed


You believe that there is no point of view but your own;

You subject your members to despotic tyranny;

You believe in imperialistic dominance of neighboring empires;

You staunchly defend territory that does not rightfully belong to you;

You will gather secrets among you to conquer others;

You will enslave sentient beings within the systems you have found - a tenth of which you have any true power or control;

Your very creed is blasphemy unto Sun-Tzu;

You threaten the freeborn right to travel the vastness of space.


Remember my emblem, Pheonix Arisen. Tread elsewhere and avoid the prophecy.




The Phoenix shall return to the Cauldron from whence it came;

a pile of ashes to remember its name.

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Ok, Phoenix, just watch out for HUGH!!!


By the way, Phoenix is the home of the Arizona Cardinals, and they couldn't strike fear into the heart of a High School team. In other words, the word Phoenix doesn't mean much. :rolleyes:

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:) Hmmmm sounds kinda like someone is beat'n their chest... and screaming at the moon....


The real question is, have they met anyone yet!? I mean talk n fluff is all good and kinda entertaining, BUT I kinda rather judge something on deeds that one has actually done, not flights of fantasy.


Actions speak louder than words..., but nice tale anyway!!!

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I kinda rather judge something on deeds that one has actually done, not flights of fantasy.


I assure you: these prophecies are not mere flights of fantasy, nor savage rhetoric. We are not proud of our destiny and eventual role in this universe. We yield to prophecy and do not use the gift to elevate our standing. We are servants.


Our strength will be revealed - "in action" - as you so wish. You live in a limited reality because you can only see the past.


Admirals Pjorja Hanlisorta, Shorla Qruaa, Jarl Heissbahj and Ilja Jorstu stand ready to accept their assignments aboard what will become the most respected fleets in our galaxy.


More of Gjo'jaol's children return to the Cauldron. The First through Fifth Fist of Shor'ja are in place over alien worlds; teaching new cultures the history and prophecies of Gjo'jaol. These are not mere armies, the size of which typically resemble a home defence in the early ages. Each Fist is an elite effective fighting force, designed to train and defend each population center with the vigor and strength of Gjo'jaol himself.


You will be hard pressed to find a more efficient empire. Our iron production per revolution has more than doubled since the early days. Our advanced industries are busy producing the Gjo'jaol Directive.


You may choose to ignore the prophecy.

We expect nothing less.

We are obliged to share these words; despite our proud, non-receptive audience.


This is the last I will speak for what might be a long while. There is a conflict on the horizon that I must personally attend.


I wish I could avoid my next appearance: to announce the disturbing news of a vanquished alien fleet near the edge of what we call the Frolaa Cluster.


Until then.



Disciple of Gjo'jaol and Shor'ja, his servant



OOC: I prefer college football and basketball but I like the Seahawks. I'm glad to hear the roleplaying is appreciated. I wish there was more of it. I'm unaware of any association with Gjor'haan and the Japanese playing card games you refer to. The Deliverance reference made me laugh.

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