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A Gift from Phoenix Arisen

Phoenix Arisen

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We offer the first of several bits of info that we will share with the new players or anyone else that wants it, regardless of alliance. The first is a .JPG of the first 4 generations of technology in the realm of computers, medical, life and social sciences. We DO NOT require you to send us your turn sheets to get it. Because we cannot post the attachment here, we only require that you send an email requesting said information to us at PhoenixArisen2002@yahoo.com.


We have a vested interest in levelling the playing field for all those folks who wisely chose not to give out their empire turnsheet data.


Good luck

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The first is a .JPG of the first 4 generations of technology in the realm of computers, medical, life and social sciences.

Do you mean that you'll give me the secret to 1st through 4th Generation Computer Systems, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences and Social Sciences? Or will it include what branches these technologies open up?


Not to belittle your generous offer but offering just those tech blurbs, which essentially say the same thing repeatedly, doesn't seem like a whole lot to me. :lol:


Unless this is like a herione dealer sort of thing, free samples until you're hooked. After that you have to PAY! :(

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Ah, but you do not provide all of your information to non-members


To be fair, we are not providing all our Information either :blink:


But on the other hand, we are providing some Info. It seems that we are now the black hats, and the reasons we are being called the black hats are


1) the GLS was here first


2) We said we intended on winning the game.


On the Second point, If you do not plan on winning, you have nothing to fear from us. So if the GSL does not plan on winning the game, just say so, or any other alliance or player for the matter. There are players that just want to build their empire, and explore. :o


On the First point, SO. :lol:


I consider both us and the GSL as Grey Hats, but From what I have heard, Phoenix is closer to White than the GSL. I will agree this can be debated, and may very well be a matter of perspective.


MarcoHard Loyal Phoenix Arisen memeber :(

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What follows is a lengthy observation of the GSL and Phoenix Arisen thus far by a truly "independent" player who has communicated with both alliances for a long time. I apologize for its spam length in advance :blink:


First of all, I think Phoenix Arisen should be commended for graciously offering free tech information.


My opinion has always been this: the tech tree is so damned huge and the pace so controlled, that the witholding of key technologies from the public domain isn't so vital as to warrant policies of utter secrecy.


Its wise of us to share information and offer assistance to new players for the good of the game. There is no imminent security risk involved with sharing how to get to various techs because the pursuit of one tech precludes the pursuit of another....in other words, there is so much diversity due to the pace and span of tech that there isn't:


1) A "right" or "perfect" way to pursue tech

2) A "dire" need to keep tech secret


Most of you know that I'm always up for trading tech FREELY if I know the path - without any strings attached whatsoever. There are many players within and outside alliances who have a pretty good grasp of the tech tree and have been more than helpful in flushing out the rest of my tech tree. Hell, I'm out of SRPs anyway....so....I wont be a huge threat if you show me how to get to Mk IV Heavy Photon Torpedos. :o


I perceive that Phoenix Arisen also sees the benefits of sharing tech information from both a gaming and propoganda standpoint and their Gift is the obvious result.


It should be curious to note that they are not freely posting it for all to see, but rather requiring an email request. I can see several reasons why they are doing this and they are in their every right to do so.


I also felt compelled to write/copy what I think is an accurate and unbiased assessment of the GSL recruiting policy. Believe me, the fine folks in the GSL can wear ANY color hat they wish.....it is for that reason and their maturity/cordiality that has had me consider membership for over a year.


Phoenix Arisen is just as mature/"viable" despite their SLIGHT delay of entry into the game compared to the GSL and in personally speaking to that membership, they have a trust which seems forged by old friendships and mutual respect for each other and the goals they have set forth. Their trust seems forged by a mutual discipline and silent understanding of what sentence lies in wait for those foolish enough to be traitors, rather than require the exchange of information for security reasons.


Due to the vastness of our galaxy, I've waited for a survey of my neighborhood before making any commitments. Sadly, my neighbor seems to be an independent and I am working hard to forge a friendship with him/her and discuss political goals before making any commitments.


Here is an edited copy of Locklyn's statement clarifying the GSL membership requirements:



[P]layers becoming members of the GSL are asked to share their setup and latest turn with the GSL Prime Minister Lord Valvyn for security reasons, they are then voted into the alliance by a consensus of all existing members. They are then given access to our fora and database.


...[T]he initial sharing of data with Mark is something all of us have done, we do NOT see each others data, everyone sees Marks and he sees ours initial setup. Some of the members in the GSL do share all their turns with each other to learn the game and spot mistakes and give good advice to each other.


...everal if not all members of the GSL have contact with non GSL members who we speak with regularly, give or take advice from, trade data but this is our own data we trade ie that from our own turns. If a non-GSL member wishes some special information that I have not gained from my turns I ask the GSL if a trade/gifting of this info is ok with the group. This has worked perfectly since the start of the game. Our "Known Systems" coordinator even kept separate stardata files to keep integrity and trust from those we deal with.


I have been approached by several players interested in joining but that have backed out when they heard of the request for setup and latest data but that still have been given the starter pack of info as well as continued advice and help for that is what we're about.


The GSL wishes to promote stability, peace and trade in the galaxy, whether or not one decides to join the GSL we'll do our utmost to be fair with you, helpful and add to your play enjoyment...


I see nothing so nefarious in their membership guidelines to warrant a terribly lopsided compromise. I can also understand why they would require the actual turnsheet set-up as many players could easily play two positions and plant a spy in every alliance....it is the security compromise of SYSTEM INFORMATION that ultimately presents a risk rather than technology in my opinion and every alliance has a right to counter such a threat.


Regardless, I smell the bonfires of war on the horizon between these two alliances, and I can only hope that I don't get caught somewhere in the middle of the crossfire. :unsure:


Your lengthy two megacredits from an overgrown sunflower patch.... :(

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Look, I'm not criticizing the fact that PA is requesting emails. It makes sense and you have every right to do so.


I send and receive 100% of my tech information via cut and paste, that's all. Sorry if you think I'm inferring something devious.


Its cool enough y'all sent the stuff out in the first place.

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