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Seeking Empire #2180

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Sha'thar shudders as she looks at the readouts presented to her by her scientists. Contact has been made with another... pride? They must be cats... they MUST be. Centuries upon centuries of teachings, of genetics have always told her that the Gosht-Khor were the Only Ones in the Universe.


Now this.


The Clan Eldress composes herself. Panic does not suit a member of her race. In a calm voice she dictates to her scientists....


"To the Intergalactic Canthian Insectoid Queendom. We are the Gosht Kohr, a race of hunters. You have sought to contact us. If you do so in peace, we bid you welcome. We are interested in trade.


Be warned. We are territorial. Please let us know if you should seek entry into the territories of the pride sisters, and why you seek such, -before- you come.


Please feel free to contact us at anytime, through the frequencies provided in this transmission...


( Email me! )

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My mandibles were twitching when I received a message from a race of Insectoid life-forms. Our Xenobiologists suggested perhaps there was a relation between our races, and perhaps first contact was immanent. Click, click, click...


"To the Intergalactic Canthian Insectoid Queendom: We are not as territorial as the Gosht Kohr, we believe that is a weakness brought on by their feline heritage. We do welcome contact, especially by those who are similar in nature to us. We await you reply."


Use this channel on the subspace frequency:




(No offence was intended to Sha'thar, I personally enjoy the role-playing you bring to the board. Besides, everyone knows that insects are superior to cats.) :robot:

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We have also received this communication and wish for this empire to contact us at the usual holochannel frequency instead:





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Fellow Sentients


The Boo have also received this message. Our diplomatic bureau indicates that many others have also been contacted. While initially singing songs of joy at the prospect of a physical meeting with a fellow spacefareing race, we have now come to look upon this Canthian message with some scepticism.


Boo Consulate

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The Zeuxis Federation as made contact with an alien race.

We have attempted all standard forms of contact, with no success.


So, we are now taking a more cruder approach of this broad ban tranmission though space


' We of the Zeuxis Federation is attempting to contact the "UPS" United People of Space, #1436 - Bald Eagle Flying over a Blue and Green Planet. Our scout ship have encounter you in the Marinius System. Please respond to JosefCade@ aol.com'



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