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If you have seven of nine working for you, please pretty please send her as ambassador to our world! We could settle for T'pol :robot:



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I remember as a small child finding Uhura and Nurse Chapel very attractive...nowadays I'm barely allowed watching Voyager or Enterprise, not to mention Dark Angel or Buffy by my partner...I'm just saying I'm happy that there are so many strong female leads in tv nowadays...and that they're drop dead gorgeous doesn't hurt either :thumbsup:



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Darn Laminated, that is scary

A laminated ass, vaguely reminiscent of the time a younger Mr Carpenter and I visited the imperial zoo. He was most impressed and not a little intimidated by a threating entity called the Dang-aroos Maximus. This quadriped had the head of a lion on one end and the head of a tiger on the end, both heads complete with many long and sharp teeth. Gary looked long and hard at the beast and finally asked me the question that was taunting him. "Great and Humble Eldar" he ask in respectful tones, "if it has a head at each end, how can it make doo doo ?"

It was an insiteful question that proved young master Carpenter would indeed grow to be a powerful emperor when his time came. My answer proved to be just as telling when I said, "Gary, it can not make doo doo, and that is why it is so dang-aroos." :thumbsup:





Reminicences from the Making of an Emperor

As related by the Eldar of Lookers

Sacred Archives of Phoenix Arisen

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Hi Locklyn,


Hmmmm, I have 4 girls (ages 15 to 5) and we make it an event to watch those "Strong Woman" shows together. Everyone was more than a little disappointed with Buffy ended and Dark Angel was cancelled. Best part is I get to watch all those well defined bodies and the "Female Parental Unit" is only a little miff'd about the violence.


What we need now is a new show that combines the best bodies... <er >.. I mean talents together.


Good Cheer,


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Alias meets that need and actually has good acting. I of course have to watch Judging Amy both for the strong female character and also for my wife rejoicing in her profession.


I tivo NCIS, Threat Matrix, Stargate etc.. and get to watch those late at night.


Now Netflixs is cool! Every single action movie Qed up to be watched.


Ahhh....leaning back with a bowl of Gumbo (for the Boo), some Absolute (for Locklyn) and laughing at the Haggas (for Ur-Lord Tedric) or blood pudding...

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