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Intergalactic Canthian Insectoid Queendom


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Empire name:Intergalactic Canthian Insectoid Queendom

Government:Technocratic Monarchy

Imperial Tradition:Science

Emblem:3 tails entrap all as 3 mandibles crush the cosmos

Lifeform: Canthians are an aggressive race of winged Arthropods. These insectoids have 3 heads,each holding crushing and heavy mandibles, as well as 3 prehensile tails that they use to manipulate a myriad of tecknological miracles. Their natural ferocity sometimes overshadows their phenomenal sensory abilities and thus,their miraculous mental abilities are often ignored...to their enemies utter regret. Science is held in high esteem,so outworlders would be wise to trade for technology,rather than seek death...


Contact: Keith Robert Sauer

3001 South Emily Drive #822645

Beeville Texas 78102-8583

E-Mail: keithsauer@hotmail.com


Worp Points Surveyed:Mansie


Potsei(home system,so come trade with us!)




Posted by request


Russ :thumbsup:

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:beer: Hmmm....



I wonder what would happen if ya dropped one in a pot of boiling water and let them simmer for a while...wonder what they would taste like ;)


Oh well being both a Scientific loving race AND Vegie Eater...we will most likely never know...BUT love to have one for our Imperial Zoo B)

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Sha'thar blinks and sighs. This is potentially not good.


But then... none of the System Names are familiar to her? Why would this empire be contacting the Clan Sisters of the Gosht Khor? Perhaps an explorer from the Insectoid Queendom has wanders into Clan space?


The clan eldress paces to and fro, occasionally batting at a cat toy nervously as she thinks...

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I for one welcome another winged arthropod race, though we obviously are not related (three heads??)


But then again, we are predatory carnivores and prefer insects. So we would like to welcome another tasty...er, trusted morsel..er, MEMBER of the SN III Universe. Welcome! And above all, HAVE FUN!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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