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Doubling Issues

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A few turns back I noticed that ships doubled in my ship queue. They did disappear the next turn. However, I noticed that some production items doubled. This seems strange....

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I have an item double producing itself too... 150 000 Petrochemicals...

listed once at Ind.Prd.List but production happens twice...

I need more of them but they consume raw materials which are required for items listed below them.

Anyway I deleted the item production record. Will see what happens next turn.

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For shipyards it's a reporting glitch and doesn't affect actual ship production. If you have multiple entries that look similar in your Industrial queue, so far I've seen it described by actual BI orders with bad priorities entered - player mistake in this case. It's not good to have the same item (Steel, for instance) in more than one entry at the same Population Group with the same Priority # because you won't be able to predict which one will be changed should you later issue an EB order for that Item at that Priority #. I can manually delete or change as needed, should you need it.

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