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First Contact approach:

T'Aleen Empire

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:angry2: Ok another related topic to my last one, when you meet another alien empire (assume it is a active PC) and NO shots are fired what or how will you conduct first contact? Also what kinda things might you be interested in doing with that neighbor?


Note: This is a question from myself (IN in Character/ OOC Out Of Character) only and does not have anything to do with any other organization. I am looking to see what other players think or feel?

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Yea, Yea this is just more GSL propaganda, the white hats trying to enforce their way of thinking on ..... Hey wait :drunk: I'm not MMB! :angry2: Sorry, back to the thread :huh:


Lord Valwvm

Lord Valvvm

Lord Valwwm

Cao Cao the wicked

Cao Cao the nice guy

Cao Cao the super nice guy

etc., etc.

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<Wonders if the new StarBars will feature a drink called the MadMartin® - looks and tastes a Shirley Temple [7up & Grenadine] but kicks like a double shot of greek ouzo! :taz: >


To seriously answer your question, T'aleen, I'd check the Galactic Registry to see if the Empire was there. If so, send them an e-mail. If not, use the in-game message order to try to contact them. If that fails, try to send a message via the BBS via RTG. If that fails, I'll blow something up and see if that gets their attention. (We call that the "Naptha" Option back home. :cheers: )

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