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"MESSAGE FROM THE GAMEMASTER: Astronomers have noted some unusual activity in your home system, and air defense fighters were even scrambled after being alerted to several UFO sightings. Your pilots were most surprised to spot what appeared to be a giant sled being pulled by a team of four-legged horned mammals. Not knowing quite what to do, they followed the target and reported no hostile reactions from a large bipedal mammal clothed entirely in red riding in the sled. At this point your Emperor received a telepathic message indicating that because he was so good all year, a gift of research knowledge will be granted to your scientists in the next fortnight (equal to 1 saved lifeform point per month of the past year, or 12 in all...this will be added just before the 12/17/03 turn runs and could be used like regular saved lifeform points). At this news your Emperor was said to become very happy, having been worried about receiving nothing but Coal... Head to the Galactic News section of the message board at http://www.rollingthunderforums.com/ to download the latest entry program. --


GM Pete"


Woohoo!!! (If I undertand correctly.....) 12 SRPs!! Yes!!! How many tech advances will this equate to do ya think?


Looks like Mk IV Milk and Cookies actually worked :ranting:


Thanks Pete and Russ :(

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Well, Santa's crystal ball must not be working. There are several naughty races out their and they all get a nice gift just like the rest of us. Oh well .. 12 SRP's, nice... Should be able to get one quick low level tech with it. And there are oh so many to choose from as well. Which one to pick....

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¨The GGT accidentally shot down and destroyed the unidentified intruder that clearly lacked proper and lucid documentation and apparently the vessel it was travelling in was infested with insects, tons of bugs so we flamed it! Which seemed fortunate since it was apparently prepared to BOMB our homeworld of Beowulf with rocklike black alien substances that burned quite well.


It seems one of the creatures powering the vessel was an alien life form not unlike the Energy Sapper Beast as it had a glowing protruberance on its front features.


We warn interstellar travellers that more of these strange vessels may appear so beware! Watch the skies!



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How do you use those point? Is there an order? :blink:

They'll automatically be directed towards whatever you are researching with your 1st Research Center (the #1 Item in your Research List). If you want them to go to something specific, you'd use the SRP Order to place that Technology into Research Center #1 and the SRPs will be applied to that technology.

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Are 12 points enough to reasearch an item at once? What if those points are more than enough to complete an item? Will the rest go research center number 2?


How much "-" are needed to complete an item on your reasearch report? :blink:

Inlcuding the > ... each '-' in the research report represents 5% (give or take a little due to rounding by the computer to display the current level).


There are many inexpensive techs that can be completed in one turn by 12 SRP. So you could always go for a low level tech and complete it quick. Or place the SRP into a mid-level tech to get it close to completion.


SRP are used in Slot 1 only on each turn. If you complete an item in Slot 1 and have SRP still left, then, they are used in Slot 1 the next turn.

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