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Hoe to have fun.


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Greetings fellow empires,

Lostworlds is once again biting his nails waiting for his turns. I think my alliance is cool. :( I get to compete with other empires. I have fun talking about my newest goof on my turns. (I forgot to put in my build steel order). :alien2:

I get to look at new techs and compare my empire with others. I have fun crunching numbers becuase I am a geek. I find it fun racing other empires to build bigger colonies and try to keep ahead of others with more leaders. I hope to break 50 this turn. :taz: I enjoy the new advances in the game. I am trying to stay out of politics and just ignore the bad press. :) I have fun talking to my neighbors. Oh we'll I have to get back to planning out how to build a faster ship.



An empire that just wants to have fun

Grumpy empires need not reply :D

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Sha'thar hmmms, purring a bit. This is new, and a refreshing change from some of the rhetoric she's been intercepting. She has her scientists prepare a response and send it out over the deep space network. This because the original message has come from a place no Gosht kohr ship has traveled. Yet.


"To Lostworlds-


We are the Gosht Kohr, proud huntresses all. If you come in peace and exploration, we bid you welcome.


Our people, used to acting in consort to achieve common goals ( insert documentary footage of a lion pride tackling and eating a gnu ) understand your desire to trade peacifully and explore the vast savannahs of space. We welcome you to the hunt!


( Here the vid pawses, and there is some whispering in the background as scientists confer. After a moment, the vid continues. )


Um... you are hunters as well, yes? Our people are quadrapedal... felines all? We've not had any direct contact with any major alien race yet, save for isolated snac... instances of neutral species.


We look forward to your next communication. May you hunt well, and may the horns and hooves of your prey be dull!"


( The transmission ends )

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*glances up from reading a report and looks at one of his Chef-Scientists* Hmmmm, very impressive. How did you ever think of making a cuisinart into a ground combat weapon? Just look at the size of that thing.


"Well, sir, we in the scientific community have been energetically applying greater efforts into efficiency in all aspects of our Life. The Mk IV Cuisinart, I won't go into the slang terms the troops are using for it, was a breakthru of truly wondrous proportions. We figured that it would be more efficient to prepare the meat for cooking as the meat was processed. This saves time and effort all the way around."


"I must say that you have outdone yourselves with this one. Bravo! Now, what else is up your sleeve?"


*pleased smirk* "We are putting the final touches on the first meat preparation tank. It grabs the meat and stuffs it into the hopper. The meat is then battered, deep fried and ready to eat in a modest 3.48 seconds. Until we find a better name we are dubbing it the Mk I Shake-and-Bake Tank."


"I see, yes, that name does need some more work. Still, good show. I will ensure that your Research Cadre is supplied with extra meat rations this quarter."


"The Clan Elder is most generous."



Sakarissa :thumbsup:

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Sha'thar peers quizzically at a recovered ancient video, pieced together by her scientists. o O {  What does this mean?  'Soylent Green is People?'  What are 'people?'  :thumbsup:  }


I think 'people' is the term lizards use for giant cats blasted into tiny atomic paricals. :beer: Why they are green 'people' is beyond me. :lol:


And by the way, Lostworlds, we would be glad to be your friends as long as your not a race of cats. We hate cats! :cheers:

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