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Every Team pool their prosepctive team members into a Game. Therefore no more than 7 teams would be possible to regitar. Then RTG would randomly select the individual Team Member Nations. Once this data has been sent out each team would then have their own personal selection of Tech packages they wish to play with. This is just a baseline setting. If we can generate enough enthusiums I am confidemt RTG would suppot such a option. Into todaysworld I belief that this would be the truest test on one skill. And just because you may not have a starting alliance = 4 then registar as a single player with the hoped of getting married to a team of 3. Please let me know what you guys/gals think of this concept.



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Just to make sure I follow what you are suggesting --


1. Four People sign-up as a single Team.

2. After seven Teams have signed up, RTG randomly assigns 28 nations to each of the 28 players.

3. Once you know what nations your team has, you choose your Tech Pack.


... then the @ss-whooping and trash-talking commences.


If this is so, I have the following questions:


1. Does your team start the game as Total Allies?

2. How random will random be for Nation assignment? It would kind of suck if one Team was Baltic States plus all three Russias and another Team was United Kingdom, UAE, United States and the Lowlands.




-SK :python:

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why not 8 teams of 5........5 times 8 equals 40........

think Russ should position the teams on the map.



2 options:

1) mixed over the map

2) grouped a neighbours


Think that kind of game should be open-ended PLUS the teams should be made public when the game starts.


The problem with the plan is that several teams could work together.

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I like to add that I like the concept :python: . I would make it a full team to start with, so no matching after the fact. 5 TA"s and war with all others. I also would give pre set techsets, whereby every team has at least one player with every set.


I think there should be somekind of a pre-set team that makes sense, so no random split across the board, that would not make sense.


I made an example for starting a discussion:


team 1 "Northsmans:







team 2 "Kozaks"


Northern russia

Central russia


Baltic states


team3 "Balkan's"







team 4 "central miditereaneans"







team5 "Western Europe mainland"







team6 " eastern miditerreneans"







team 7 " Middle east"


Saudi Arabia





team8 "Black sea states"

Southern russia






just some initial thoughts reactions are welcome.

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I think it is a great idea. I don't care if it it 8 teams of 5 or 10 teams of 4 (but would prefer 10 teams fo 4). I would suggest that if you do 10 of 4, require each nation to have a different tech package (no duplication). I would suggest that Russ determine the 10 nation groupings and that none be adjacent to each other. However, in order to make it "fair" the groups that include Canada, USA, and Iceland should also include a Western Coastal nation, ie. Morocco, Portugal, GB, Norway, etc.

Once Russ determines the Nations in each group, then the group signs up for a particular group in order 1-10, just like you would list the nations 1-40. So for example, I and 3 buddies want to play (we'll call us Players A,B,C and D) We would send a setup request such as follows:

"First Choice: Nation Group #1 (A is Country AA, with British Tech, B is Country BB with German Tech, C is Country CC with Russian tech and D is Country DD with USA tech)

Second Choice:...."


This would provide more balance, so you wouldn't get all 3 Russias and Persia with Russian Tech, or UAE, Saudi, Iraq and Persia with all German Tech. this would require the groups to think about what nations should have which tech package and plan appropriately.

Thoughts? :python::cheers::cheers:

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Oh, and I would require the 4 nations to remain TA's throughout the game and not be allowed to TA with anybody else. Therefore the order PAP TA xxxxx would not be allowed. Neither would the order BPA xxxxx with a TA.


In fact, now that I think about it, the 4 countries should start the game as TA's and NO alliances or NAP's would be allowed. Just eliminate the BPA and PAP order completely from the game. This would hinder any groups from direct cooperation with any other group. :cheers::python:

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How about 8 teams of 5.


Each team has a captain assigned.


Each captain drafts the countries starting with a random draft order 1 through 8 then 8 through 1 then 1 through 8 then 8 through 1 then a final round of re-randomization order for the scrub countries. You could do the drafting online.


Teams decide amongst themeselves who will play what country.


This works for the fantasy football leagues.


In this format, teams should be allowed to PAP between each other, but not TA with one another.


Open - ended format (until one team stands alone) and no tech restrictions might make for an interesting Vic! match.


-Pig Skin

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Players should be allowed to sign TA´s. This option is essential for a though war.

Without TA´s, too much of the battles will be luck, and that is not the game.


A war in Victory needs intel of TA´s. Only than can strategy come in play.


The teams in this kind of game should have set TA´s.


The idea of a captain and than signup for countries is interesting.



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