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Empire Number = Galactic Position?

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As the universe grows in numbers of empires and interest grows in pursuing emperical associations of all sorts, it would be interesting to discuss the nature of the universe in form.


We speak of 'core' empires, but is the universe being 'formed' from the inside out? Does the time at which you start really have an influence on where you are? Is there any relationship between the mysterious 'empire number' and where you are in the universe?


Thoughts and comments?



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I don't think your empire number and your position are related. I'm number 971, but Arcane Servives Incorperated is some where inthe 2000's. Yet he joined almost 6 months befor me. His number would show he is on the outer rim but his starting time would show he is near the center. Wait, now I've confused myself. ;)

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