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You have to ask? Naturally, I do. :lol:


Tyean and I have bumped heads to often for me to cut him a break now, even if I agreed with you. It is cool and one of the ones I was considering using....but the best?.....Naaww, don't think so. :robot:


The real question is, what exactly is yours, SARS? My eyesight isn't what it used to be and the images are small enough that they don't help sometimes depending upon the color scheme and/or design, so I'm unsure what yours actually is. Is it a nightime sky as seen from a hilltop with some trees on it and some type of explosion in the sky.....? Not trying to be difficult, I really am having trouble seeing it. :blink:

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Dwillard does have a shifty green bug eyed avatar. Looks like someone I wouldn't want dating my daughter. Pretty cool though.


I like Moochin T Cons, in fact I think I own the "Molly Hatchet" LP it is the cover for.


As far as mine, I agree it did not tranfer as well as I had hoped. Oh well, Maybe an upgrade is needed.


after my :robot: I may have to look into it.

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