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After a long sojour, Captain Red Sonja of the Winged Claw, a Vulture class transport, breathed a sigh of relief. Finally a safe system away from the ceaseless attacks by the Mindsphere.


All of a sudden the claxons sounded. "All hands to battle stations"! "All hands to battle stations!". The crew responded like all crews subject to months of warfare. An oiled machine. Gunners manned the Gauss Guns, Crewmembers ran to their assigned posts and the ship tried to flee.


After several hours of navigating Red Sonja knew she had to fight. The Winged Claw turned to face the Gs-Lass Scout ships and began to fight. Minutes later, even though it seemed an eternity, the battle screens showed 2 dead Gs-Lass scouts and one was still listing. time for a capture!

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