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SuperNova Blues


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What's the matter Binky, SuperNova got you down?

You say you finished your new orders 3 hours after you got your last result?

You've got to get your fix and your lady won't spring for a fifth Empire setup? :blink:

You tell me pulling weeds and picking up dog poop just doesn't cut it for you on the weekend?

You'd rather blow up planets than take your gal for a ride in the country (if you know what I mean :robot: )

Well don't you worry friend, cause there's help on the way. :thumbsup:

Pick up a copy of Galactic Civilization (Strategy First/Stardock) and click your way to sci-fi heaven.

Anyone else play this game?

Any other good colonize-construct & conquest game recommended?

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Thats a super interesting game :robot: I picked it up but have been too busy with other gaming interests within my gaming schedule.


As far as build/colonizers MAster of Orion III is fun although its a bit tricky to learn....terrible interface. I wouldn't recommend it.


I like MMPORGS a whole bunch. The sci-fi ones I recommend are:


Planetside (FPS type on a team scale...lots of action)


Star Wars Galaxies (Interesting content...lots of timesinks though)


and by far my favorite


EVE (Build a ship and intergalactic wealth on a personal level)

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Space Empire IV is excellent. It looks primitive at first, but it makes for a really interesting, thoughtful game.


The AI is rubbish, once you've learnt how to play, but it works very well multiplayer, and it's easy to find games at www.pbw.cc and play them by e-mail. It's also very moddable, so there are many interesting revisions of the game to play with, including player attempts to improve AI competitiveness.



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I quite enjoy Galactic Civilisations. It gives a challenge and has whupped me at the higher levels quite a few times when I'm not paying attention and I personally like an AI that starts wondering why I am massing troop transports near his most valuable world B)


MOO II was wonderful in the ship design system, too bad the MOO III got lost in menu land ;)




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