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Hi guys,


I am going to send in my set up this week. :angry2:


We have a long wait with game 72 just starting. :taz:


It should be about 3 to 6 months be for this game starts. :oops:


Hope to see you there and maybe we can get together and kill some bad guys. :ranting:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Count me in as well.


Playing Norway in game 72 doesn't take that much time. Right now I'm trying to defeat both Finland and Sweden. Doesn't take that much time so one more game is no problem.


But what country to choose? I'm thinking of Italy.

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atleast we know Norbert will also be present in this game :P


xDamascus in 5 turns... :lol: :lol:


Anyway who knows.. maybe I also will join this game.. and take a difficult country... seems like fun.. will think about it...


ofcourse it helps that I am driving myself made thinking of all the possibilities and outcomes in game 72.. and that from turn to turn... I need something to stop that mind madness....

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Game 73 is about 80% of the way to the initial start point (note that I begin with less than 40+ nations these days - the extra slots always fill before the 1st or 2nd turn :ph34r: ).


Accordingly...ETA is probably a month or so. No sooner than 2 weeks, unlikely to be longer than 6 weeks. Get your registrations in soon if you are interested in this one.



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Ok all I am in this game. Lets start talking B)

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Well the time is getting closer to finding out where we will be placed. :cheers:


I can't wait but thats me. :P


I hope I have some good ppl next to me. :cheers::thumbsup:


If not, well you know. :P


Its all fun in love and war. :alien:


Well get with me if you wish to talk about anything.

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