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Diplomacy With Neutrals


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I was thinking about the possibility that you may not be able to detect underground or underwater colonies with Short Range Sensors and Survey Landers. In that case there may be more colonies that are hidden from your fleets when you decide to land troops and "conquer" the neutral. Later, if there are any hidden colonies, you may be faced with a revolt on a mass scale.


Is diplomacy important? If this scenario is true then diplomacy would indeed make sense. Of course I have no basis other than pure imagination for this theory.

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Sorry phase but I think you're way off here...consider that you can do an ORB/CSV/GEO/PMAP with a ship that is basically just an engine and nothing else and get the EXACT same report as you would get with a ship that has sensors, survey shuttles, science labs and whatchamacallit so no...they're no hidden neutrals or colonies. AND Aquatic and´Subterranean fortresses were just flavor fluff that had no importance or difference from standard PDCs as yet and will not likely have it either in the future.


And yes I've tried this out inside the game so I know it as I've also asked Pete about it after trying it out.



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