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Hello All,


I have read the "letter to our players" post of Russ.

And was shocked to read that there are people that hink the flok from RTG take sides, sell information, etc., etc.


I play with RTG for 4 years and I think this is the best play by (e)mail gaming company that I have played with. I have played with 6 PBeM gamecompanies and with 5 of them I have had the problem of bad service, emails gone unanswered and problems with turns. Rolling Thunder Games answers all my emails, sends game turns back on time and they try to make their games bugfree.


I say LONG LIVE RTG and keep up the good work!! B)


Edwin (Germany62, Spain63, Canada64, South65, Persia69 and Persia70)



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The only complaint I've yet to have with RTG, and its a really minor one at that, is turn processing turnaround time. Not so much that takes as long as it does, in that its not consitent. Submit a turn the night before your eligible to run a turn, and sometimes get results the next day, on rare ocasions the following morning, and sometimes 2 or 3 or ocasionally even 4 days. And that is far and away the worst thing I can say against RTG.


RTG is beyond belief at the levels of professionalism they posess, and I am sad to hear some players would stoop to covering their own mistakes by blaming RTG. Or worse accusiing RTG of malfeasance or being duplicitous.


Sure RTG makes mistakes. But then they bend over backwards trying to correct them. And usually VERY quickly, and as fairly as they possibly can.


Who really can ask for more?

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Everybody wants their turn sooner than later, that's natural. Patience is the word here and just remember all those turn results which DID come the next day, something which happens on a regular basis I can tel from own experience.


Allthough I have no long history with RTG, I must say my turns have always been flawless and I have really nothing to complain about. Especially the way Russ takes his time to deal with questions and (game) technical issues is admirable. He always gives profound explanations and he never left one email unanswered. What more can I wish for?


So two thumbs up for RTG and I have full trust in them!!

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I should have clarified my issue with turn results turnaround is VERY minor. And not really with the speed, as it is with not knowing when results are to be expected. The uncertainty makes co-ordinating with team members more difficult.


However, my real point was, that it says something when my worst complaint is a very minor one, a gnat bite even.


And to echo others....Thanks Russ and Pete! For everything, especially for putting up with us!

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I am not sure who is complaining, I for one have had no complaints at all. RTG has gone out of its way over the years to be helpful (e-mailing me when I forget to attach the game turn to the e-mail) and to make the game more enjoyable. Like they said it is not perfect. If it was perfect, what would there be to improve upon or talk about.


I have been playing games at RTG since 95' I think game 41 or 42. I don't remember... :drunk:


I for one think they deserve credit for doing the job they do and doing it for so long :cheers:


Here is to the future and many more games to be played :thumbsup:


and to those that think they cheated, sorry you feel that way and better luck next time :oops:


DezertCamel :jawdrop:

Games (41or 42) 45, 48, 65, 69, 70, 71. and more to be named later

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Ditto what everybody else said, My first contact with RTG was Victory 45. I've been with them every since. I also also have tried 6 or 7 other PBM games over the years (since about 1988) and currently I only have an account with RTG. :oops:


Kudos to Russ and Pete! Hip, hip, Hooray!!1 :jawdrop:

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My first game was vic#6 and I got killed. I am getting quite good at getting killed in victory games, :( but I have enjoyed it all along. RTG has been a fantastic company to deal with.


Rick aka Takeda

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Same here,


Never had a problem with RTG. Only with myself: I often lack the patience to wait for my turnresults! :(


It's a shame that some of us seem the think otherwise. If you're annoyed than direct your grievances to the person you're annoyed with directly instead of hiding behind a mass of bodies; If you don't dare to stand alone than your complaints can't be that rightious. :P


RTG: Keep up the good work! No loss in trust from this side of the ocean! :thumbsup:



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When I saw the note 'a letter to our players' I thought 'Oh no, Russ is calling it a day on Victory - maybe retiring on his millions or something.' :lol:


That, for me, would have been a real wrench. I first started playing victory in game 54 and have had a game going on, with various degrees of success, ever since - through marriage, a couple of kids and all the other stuff that life throws at you.


In all that time RTG has been a dream to deal with. I think a turn has gone missing once and, in general, when I have thought that mistakes were made, they were down to me.


More power to RTG.

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I guess this is a batch of rumors I missed out on.


Good thing, or I would have a couple choice words for the person or persons perpetuating said rumors.


I've been lucky enough to know Russ and Pete for...well, way too damn long. I knew them when they were Gamemasters for a game called StarMaster (late 70's early 80's PBM game).


I don't always agree with them, but they love this PBM/PBem stuff and have dedicated their lives to their company. No way they'd ever help one person, one alliance...ever. For any reason.


Hey, I've tried the bribe thing (beer even) and it don't get me my turns any faster than anyone else. Dammit.


Bring me the rumor monger, I'll take him out back for five minutes and everything will be crystal clear. B)

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I've been gaming with RTG on and off since 1994 and trust me these guys don't favor one set of people over another. I have found that the times I got crushed in games was because I mismanaged my resources and defenses and/or forgot to turn off my privacy option. It wasn't because Russ and Pete said: "hhhmmmm.... which one of our players are we going to mess over this turn?" (reaching into hat for a name) "OOohhhhhhh..... Bryan, lets nail him good."


If you are feeling disgruttled with RTG, I can assure you that your barking up the wrong tree. I can tell you with 99.9% accuracy that if you go over your turn sheets, checking the rules as you go, you will find the mistakes that where made to cause you to be upset.


Russ and Pete don't sell, bargin, give, get bribed for, etc. information in ANY game. The information your enemies get is based on their EM missions and TAs. They then sit down, talk with their allies, and logically figure out what you are up to. No mystery. Pure logic.


So with that said, here are my tips for making your life in a game of Vicotry easier.


1.) Turn OFF your privacy option. You can do this by contacting Russ. This will help you chances of making allies and TAs now that when they run a RNA order and can contact you.

2.) Use the RNA orders to get addresses and contact your neighbors. You can make lots of new friends. :cheers:

3.) AIC networks. Make sure you have them set up in a defensive manner in case you have to fight a defensive war.

4.) Take your time when doing your orders. Make sure to double check them before sending them.


Thats it for now. As for complaints, I have nothing new to add that has not already been said (minor problem with 3 day return on my turnsheet but I can live with it. The absence makes my heart grow fonder for the game. B) ).



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