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The following Members are eligible to vote. (If you just signed up, you can still vote even though you were not a member during the Bylaw process - this was anticipated by design)


We should probably start separate threads at some juncture. I'm sure our new secretary position will appropriately accomodate future organization as they see fit


Members, please double check!!! <_<


And don't forget to vote if you haven't (you could be defaulted out of the Senate for failure to participate in extreme situations)



Admiral Helianthos Eternus IV

The Everlasting Spawn, 1728


Clan Eldress Sha'thar

The Gosht Kohr, 2296


Honored One Daz

Zendo Mar Hierarchy, 500


Honored One Krelnett of Kraan

Zraaknod Brotherhood, Empire 2084


Witch King Star Seeker

Lostworlds, 1290


Queen Zy'lar'isa

The Nest of Zylaria, 4933


Alcorn the Honored One

Sabeli Ecok, Empire 2996


Lolthar Darksky

Shadowlords Of Lolth, #4851


Queen Mother

The Colony, #2516


President Ka-Thon-Ak

Apshai #3343



Carthaginian Empire, #82


President Logion

The Benthis Collective, #4579


Shrubis Maximus

Hegemony of Shrubists #1351







Deadline: Tonight, Thursday, June 17, 11:59 MST


GS BILL 061404-01 [One Vote Per Player]


YEA: 1728, 82, 4579, 1290, 3343, 2516, 500

NAY: 4851, 2996, 4933

ABSTAIN: 2084, 2296



GS BILL 061404-02 [One Vote Per Player + Privacy/ID Verification]

YEA: 1728, 82, 4579, 2296, 3343, 2516, 2996, 500

NAY: 4933, 2084, 1290, 4851




GS BILL 061404-03 [secretary Position]


YEA: 1728, 82, 4579, 2084, 2296, 3343, 4851, 2516, 2996, 500

NAY: 1290, 4933



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Respectfully Norm,


I'm surprised the Senate developed its current interest and I'm excited to be a part of it. I sense that people are having fun. I think the Senate is a positive addition to the game if for nothing else - gives us something to do while waiting for turns.


In any event, I whole-heartedly supported the formation of the Pheonix Arisen both publically and privately (I still go out of my way to help you guys when you ask for it..as recently as last week.) However, it seems that ever since I turned down your membership offer and divulged to Ken about the empire trading issue, you guys have been throwing negativity in my direction. Look man, had you not called me a couple months ago and told me so much about who was joining the PA, who was trading what empire and had you been above board in dealing with Ken and in trading system information with me, we might not have our current differences.


I ask you and your various board alts and empire monikers not to cloud issues you might have with me, with the Senate. Many of these guys have been around since day one. This isn't 'my' alliance. This is a group of more than a few vets and good-spirited new players here to have fun.


If a sound defensive, I do.


I can't speak for everyone in the Senate, but the negativity is unwanted from my corner. I don't recall sabotaging your posts with negativity when you rallied early membership for the PA. I'm asking you politely to show the same level of respect - not for me - but for the other members of the game who are trying to have fun with this.


If its political rabbling you REALLY want out of the deal..... :lol:


I'm confident that the Senate will uphold its 'laws' - however silly and dry they may seem to you - much better than your organization lives by its 'creed' (ala your dealings with Ken) ;)


EDIT: Look if you guys want to bash the Senate politically - go for it! <_< But is it too much to ask you not to make personal attacks? :oops:

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Methinks thou dost protest too much.


There is not anything personal here. Simply curious observation. I am sorry to hear you feel like a "whipping boy". ;) It actually sounds like you want us to be picking on you. :oops:


I actually applaud your efforts in increasing the imagination and roleplay aspect. I have no desire to participate in it, but do not mock your efforts (except for the Monty Python thing that was spot-on what it sounded like) <_< Your imagination is strong and your efforts are resulting in quite a bit of fun for other players.


Continue and may your efforts be fruitful. I'm going to wait for the video tho.

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Fair enough :cheers:


Pardon the mild paranoia, then. Negativity runs too rampant on other game boards and I was hoping this one would remain a last bastion of decency amongst gamers (of sorts.) Purely selfish reasons for reacting so defensively against the personal attacks, I assure you :P (Heck, I left these boards last time for personal attacks made against others...it really sticks a craw in my side to see it)

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Queen Mother-


Here is the text of GS BILL 061404-02:






In the event a player has more than one empire join the Galactic Senate, he/she may only allow one of the member empires to vote.


Voting requirement change: Every member empire must toggle their privacy option to "No" in order to have effective voting powers. In the event a member empire fails to toggle their privacy option, or it is discovered that the empire is a multiple position run by the same player, all votes by the empire are null and void immediately and retroactively.


Privacy checks shall be conducted by 2 volunteer member players on the turn after admission into the Galactic Senate.


Note: This does not change the Admission process into the Galactic Senate. However, your empire will be subject to privacy and identity verification which can result in nullification or suspension of votes and voting privileges.


In the event a multiple position is found, the most recent empire of the same player will be expelled from the Galactic Senate immediately.





EDIT: Drama! :cheers: It appears GS BILL 061404-02 is short by ONE vote :lol: The future of the bill lies in the hands of the Hegemony of Shrubbists. :P (or if someone changes their vote to Yes in the last minute)

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