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An upgrade order???

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I'd like to ask for consideration for a new order....


We will want to make best use of our trained crews and there is currently no way to do it. They may be trained through LFE, or by battle experience, but we will be continually faced with losing all that training if we wish to re-use the ship components. It's either that, or our most experienced ships become obsolete.


Very much like the SHIP order, I wonder if there could be consideration for an Upgrade (UPG) order?


This would be just like the SHIP order, but with one extra field. What this does is load an existing ship from a fleet into a shipyard slip and transform it into a new ship.


This new ship has to be an identically sized design (perhaps even only up to 50% different in components), but this has the benefit of keeping the Morale and Experience gained. It swops out the old components and stockpiles them, and takes the new components from stockpile.


The net effect would be just as if a ship received an upgrade, perhaps a new weapon fit, or sensor upgrade. The big limitation is that has to remain effectively what it was - a 400,000 ton CA has to remain a 400,000 CA, but just a little better than it was.


It would also be possible for this to be exactly how a 'repair' system could operate, except that the two ship fields in the UPG order now contain the same ship design. ie, the ship is 'upgraded' back into itself, but therefore keeping the crews training.....


Any thoughts....


Chief Warmaster to Ur-Lord Tedric

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Both the Ur-Lord and Mr Carpenter have very good ideas. I agree with the Ur-Lord that the ships should remain basialy the same in tionnages and class but allow for an upgrade in equipment on the ship. Mr Carpenter is right that such a change would cause a decrease in crew effectiveness as the new equipment is well new and reactions will not be as "Instinctive". that is the crew members responsible for operating the new equipment will have to think about what they are doing instead of just doing it.

Well thought out my fiens


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I'm for anything that actually allows any sorts of repairs to your ships after battle without losing these mystical morale and experience ratings...



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