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Removing a fleet from a convoy route


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How do you remove a fleet from a convoy route?


How do you advance a fleet just assigned to a convoy route to a more appropriate priority number?


(I added a fleet in the middle of a route but used a priority number corresponding to the NEXT system in the route. So the fleet is looking for a warp point that doesn't exist.)

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I believe that if you move the fleet before convoy route execution that it automatically drops the convoy route.

Nope. That is incorrect. It will actually try to execute the Convoy Route from its new location. Depending on the nature of the Convoy Route any number of unintended results may occur. If you used all of the Fleet's APs before the Convoy Route is executed, the Fleet won't attempt to execute any convoy actions that turn.



-SK :D

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That has got to be one of the sweetest things about convoy routes. They stay with the fleet no matter what you do. I find this very handy when I need to manually move some CM's to a new colony without building a new convoy route for a single turn. For me this works nice since my fleets are all 10 AP or so and I only use 2 AP for the manual move of stuff and the remaining 8 AP will collect and deliver items as normal for the other 4 round trips. In fact I have a couple of fleet slots assigned to different convoy routes and I simple RN the propper ships into the right fleet to get that route run on a given turn. Svaes lots of hassle and head ache reassigning convoy routes all the time.

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