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Improved Weapons & Improved Food Concentrates

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I'm close to completing Advanced Weapons and Food Concentrates with one race. I'll tell you if anything opens up. So far, despite every other advance, the Improved ones led to nothing. But, it may be completing the Advanced Material opens a new path to structures or items that are built using Improved items? We'll see. It may even be I need some 5th gen horizon techs completed as well to get something from the Improved materials.

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You think that is bad...I forgot to change my resurch priority last turn and got this...


"Improved Plantfood technology has just been completed!"


all well in good..but my guys are all MEAT EATERS!! :jawdrop:



that's Ok it's just better food for your grazing herds. The prey animals have to eat too :python:


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I actually researched Improved Plantfoods earlier on in the game in the hopes that it would unlock something!


Eventually I am going to research Advanced Plantfoods when I have acquired some of the horizon tech that I believe, when combined, will reveal something new. Or, it will reveal nothing and I have wasted a lot of precious research time. :python:

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True. I was hoping I had enough horizon advances so Advanced Weapons would open something up. Like Subterranian City requiring 3rd Gen Civil + Advanced CM. I was hoping I had all the 3rd gens, enough so Advanced Weapons + "X" would give something.


Just have to keep researching.

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