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Stranded Leaders

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I believe this shouldn't ever happen after The Oracle changed the code so that leaders could no longer be stranded :cheers:


This was done so that people couldn't subsequently 'magically' transport leaders back to the HW with the DECF, HOME order....


I assume that these leaders were 'stranded' before the change took place? If so, then the 'home' order should sort this out, but only this once.....


Chief Planner to Ur-Lord Tedric

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You are correct Ur Lord. Need to get him home too. Somehow he has reached Legendary Explorer level just floating around a warp point. :cheers:



Well, he had all that time to just gaze upon it! Nice to know it wasn't time wasted....


Chief Planner to Ur-Lord Tedric


PS What I don't get, however, is why you've left such a useful character out there for so long....?

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So far I have found five new characters not counting the two I started with (my Emporer and one that fits my Imperial Tradition). Two of them line up with my form of government and three that dont in three turns. Two of them are religious characters. I guess my Empire is more Religious than I knew. ;)

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